August 3, 2023

Small Companies Can’t Access Classified Work Without a Secure Space to Work In

Original Article By Eric Tegler |  Forbes

If your small defense business has desirable technology that the government considers classified, you’ll need a secure workspace before you can secure government work. It’s a Catch-22 that Congress wants to alleviate. The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act includes language from both the House and Senate meant to open up existing classified work-spaces to small businesses.

Building or gaining access to a government-approved secure workspace is a costly burden that adds to the already thorny problems defense startups face in getting security clearances for their employees and in getting their companies as a whole “covered” or cleared to work on classified projects.

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Arlington, Virginia-based Nooks is seeking to offer flexible access to classified facilities and associated networks for use by industry and government partners, a so-called Classified-Spaces-as-a-Service arrangement whereby startups can subscribe for secure facility and computer terminal privileges at a number of nationwide locations.

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